Luxurious Eyes – HOW TO Cut Crease -MORPHE 35w + 25a

Hello Obsessor!

This is one for all you makeup junkies. I am very excited to share with you the beauty that can be created through the art of cut creasing! Do not be daunted by its precise look, it’s ever so simple so do not let it make you feel inferior! I will share all my secrets with you to how you can do this technique yourself as well as my overall review of the MORPHE palettes.

Firstly, the basics..

1. Apply your favourite primer to the entire lid. This is essential when cut creasing as it simply will not work if the shades blend into one another.

2. Next, apply a light shade of eyeshadow over your whole lid, this will highlight the whole area, ensure to take all the way up to your brow bone.

3. Use a dark eyeliner/ shade to sketch on a V-Shape. Start from the middle of your crease, central of the eyelid and connect to the outer corner of the eye. You can use a little less pressure in the centre, increasing towards the outer corner, accuracy is essential here to define how you would like the finish to look on the outer corner of the eyes finished look. For example, flicked, with a tail or none at all.

4. Next, using a pointed crease brush (e.g. Morphe B80) blend the line you’ve just drawn outwards to the outer corner or the eye.

5. With your accent shade (shade you want to pop the most on the lid!) apply to the centre of the lid and blend towards the inner area of the sclera of the lid (White of the eyeball). Try to leave the very inner corner clear for now. If you wish to make more impact here, apply a second layer to this area.

6. Using a white/pearlescent shade, apply to the very inner of lid, near tear duct.

7. Now this next stage is very important, choose a completely different shade from that of your lid however make sure it is one that will complement the lid and apply above the crease line , avoiding crossing this and bring the colour all the way up to your brow bone.

8. Finally, for added drama, add eyeliner to your lash line and a pair of falsies!

Struggling to nail the cut crease? Why not cheat.. using a Coca Cola lid or spoon over your eyelid , making sure the top of the object sits in your crease you can easily achieve Step 7! Just be careful not to over lap the outer too much as this could ruin your crease when you get round to detailing. Top tip: get yourself a cheap roll of masking tape to easily create tails and flicks from the crease, perfect for those OCD cat flicks.

Luxurious Cut Crease

For this ‘Luxurious’ look , I use free hand but don’t be afraid to use the spoon or Coca cola lid to assist you. After priming, I used 1 for a base blended across lid and above crease. 2, again blended in to add depth, focus on outer half of lid. Using a domed crease brush (Morphe M332) blend 3 into outer half of lid again. You will start to add a warm tone to the outer of the lid at this point. Similar to Step 3 in the basics I add the V-Shape using 4. Both 5 and 6 I used to add definition to my crease. This is the part that excites me the most. Popping the lid, using 7 with a clean domed brush as above directly to the middle of the lid, keeping to the centre. 8 I used heavily to create a bronzed effect to the outer of the lid. Using 9, SUVA Beauty’s Shimmer eye pan in Gastown Grind (love love love this) I reinforce the orange tones from shade 7, with a touch of sparkle too. Eeeek. Carefully apply 10 across the crease line to encourage contrast. 11 is applied above crease line all the way up to your brow bone. Using a small detail brush, I apply 12 to the very inner corner of lid, near tear duct. Finally, I applied 13 onto the brow bone to highlight, making the eye brighter and allowing the eyebrow to stand proud.

Confidence breeds beauty.” Estée Lauder

The Close Up



Rate or Hate.. I have just turned 21, and I have been blessed by two of my favourite people with the Morphe 35w warm and 25a limited edition Copper Spice!

35w is very versatile, you can work with various occasions and looks here, pinky tones, deeper burgundies, your standard nudes and some sparkly jet blacks for those nights out! I have so far had a lot of fun with the palette. The consistency of the pressed eye shadows are well compacted, they do not easily break or shatter. They wear very well, lasting a good 8 hours on trial. They have great pigment and can always be accelerated by doubling up layers, so the effect is not lost.

Copper Spice is just like a soul mate to me, if I was to be reincarnated into a colour palette, my goodness, 25a is me. I cannot get enough of the bronzed tones, golden shimmers and very workable nude tones too, perfecting for blending. I just want to highlight my entire body with this palette. It’s a thing of beauty. I am loving the shimmer range they have in this especially and I will be experimenting with some of the mocha’s shortly too. I would rate these palettes 8.5 (35w) and 9 (25a).

Rating for Gastown Grind – 9/10

Rating for Smashbox – 8/10

Thanks for reading all this way, you absolute gem. I hope you found it rewarding. Until next time.