5 Things To Consider When Moving Out To Rent

Moving out of the family home is so exciting. The thought of your own little space where you can be who you want, live how you wish to, without any parent nags or sibling rivalry. Sounds great right? Well, it is, but this post is for all those considering the move, here is 5 things that speaking from experience, I wish I had considered more seriously.

No.1 – A whole load of responsibilities

These get dumped onto your lap like a pile of overdue work to be done. Literally. From the get-go you have things to do. Those dreamy visions of you sat in your cosy nordic boudoir with a hot cup of cocoa as you watch your favourite romcom, soon become a distant memory when you have so much s*** to do.

So you’ve done a 9-5 day at work, got home and firstly collapsed on your bed like a normal person, right? Then you think of your stomach, as per. Yes, its dinner time. Yippee! What do you fancy? Oh that’s right something you don’t have the ingredients for. Thinks to herself “Mum would have that”, Sigh. Speaking of mum, where is she in her child’s desperate time of need. Oh, yes I remember, you chose to move out so cooking meals is all down to you. Last thing you are wanting to do is whip up a hot cooked dinner after a 9-5er. On the contrary, that time you went food shopping, properly and you felt super motivated for your Jamie Oliver healthy recipe book to be dusted off, seemed like a great idea until you lose enthusiasm for cooking this delicious nutritiously exciting dinner, for one. Yes, this kind of is a big deal. Eating alone sucks. Especially if you have gone out of your way, all fancy n’all and only having yourself to share it with. Cup’0’Soup it is then. Then its time for a shower and off to bed. Why not a nice long hot bath you may ask? Thats easy. You have work in less than 9 hours, you haven’t got time for those kind of luxuries unless you want to sacrifice a few winks of sleep. Save the bath for your day off work, but remember, the chores get done then too. Laundry day, bin day and clean the entire house day all rolled into one. Its not so fantastic when you realise these things don’t get and do themselves. It’s a hard life right?

You honestly cannot slack and be selfish. If you do, you will have a pile up. A pile up wrapped up pretty with a bow on it all ready for yours truly. Anyway, enough of responsibilities, you get the gist! Independence also means responsibilities, and responsibilities means commitment, so be prepared.

No.2 – Financial Overload

This pretty much speaks for itself. Bills, upon bills, upon more bills. Moving out you think will make it easier to keep track of your usage and outgoings, but all sorts of scenarios pop up and you need to have some sort of financial back bone otherwise you’re buggered. I couldn’t wait to prove my dad wrong, he always said I left the water running to long whilst brushing my teeth or the excess water during my skincare routines. Sure, I proved my dad wrong, but now I have witnessed for myself how the numbers fluctuated throughout the seasons. I can see this was a worthless aspiration to have had, I wish I had just showed some consideration for my dad. Lesson learn’t.

Watch out for the hidden fees that we all forget about as technically they aren’t overheads, but they are always in the small print. They are there, and quite often they appear when you least want them to. Here I have listed a few examples for you:

• Installation fees ( engineer or no engineer)

• Engineer call outs

• Cancellation fees (Yes, I know. Contracts, crafty little things)

• M.0.T. / Servicing / Repairs ( Vehicle owners will know the struggle is real)

• Permit Parking ( Check your local parking legislation with your council)

As you can see, these are all things we might easily forget about considering, but please bare them in mind. Overheads alone can reach thousands each month, especially if you are a vehicle or pet owner. Weigh up this very carefully against what you take home each month and always over-estimate your minimum disposable income.

No.3 – Homesickness

Family is everything and I feel like I really took my vunerability to falling homesick under complete disregard. Admittedly, the first time that I moved out, I was in a relationship at the time. Therefore, I become very engrossed into that, instead of the most important things in life, family. It really hit home though, it daunt on me that my family were far away from me and that I wasn’t able to just pop round for a cuppa. Seeing family had to be a day thing, an occasion or nessecity due to the inconvenience it was, of course saddening to all.

No.4 – Distance

Keep people close by. This is relevant to my own circumstances as I lived out in the middle of no where. I was new to the village so technically I had nobody I could rely on in the neighbourhood. Everything was done by taking a risk. Looking back, this was not a sensible idea. I needed to have a support network, neighbours who valued my presence in the community. If I just disappeared for ages, no one would have a clue if I was OK or not. This is scary. You know how it is healthy to make sure the elderly open their curtains every morning so that you know they are up and about. Thus if I had an accident in the house, nobody would have bat an eyelid if I had not been seen. Have a network of people around you if you will be living alone.

Also, it is quite scary living alone. Scary movies are a real struggle. I cannot cope sometimes. I have been guilty of putting something PG rated on straight after a scary movie, just so I can disturb my train of thought before I head of to bed. I know, I’m a right baby.

No.5 – Loneliness / Limbo

Again, very relative to my own circumstances, being out in the middle of absolutely no where. Be prepared to have moments when you feel homesick, cannot bring yourself to cook for yourself ( or maybe you don’t have anything bar a tiny triangle of mouldy cheese in your fridge) and you realise this life wasn’t for you anymore. You have to be in it 100% or you will find yourself in Limbo, not living your life.

For some of you beauties, most of the points I have raised will be unfamiliar to you, or so I hope! Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed reading this and have managed to find something positive for you to take away with. Those of you who can relate, take a breath, slow down and consider everything before you sign those papers.