Celebrate you, ladies everywhere.

Selflove, selflove, selflove….

Honestly, this is becoming a somewhat necessity lately. Don’t get me wrong, I have always seen the light in both myself and ALL those around me. But, I’ve got to be brutally honest, I am all for shouting about women empowerment right now more than ever. Why you might be asking? Why the heck not.. It’s March 8th after all…

I guess you could say this is a semi pro-feminist post. Yes, I will proudly celebrate everybody and anybody but this is solely dedicated to the legacy that we now live through. All thanks to a few lovely ladies, who I’d love to enlighten you all with.

International Women’s Day | 8th March

The changes that have come about over the past seven generations are genuinely staggering. Grand social and legal changes have been accomplished and then left so content, now becoming un-noticed and un-intentionally taken for granted by people who’s very lives are and have been grossly changed for the better. It is only too familiar seeing all those people who have lived through the recent decades (our grandparents) of this process, coming to accept blithely what has transpired over the years as a norm. Meanwhile, those of the younger generation ( for the most part. Myself included ) can barely come to comprehend life being anything but the sail that it is now.

Family life, religion, government, employment, and education are just some of the day-to-day elements in life as we know it, that have ALL seen restoration for the greater good. These changes did not happen over night, magically out of thin air. Women, themselves made these movements, as social activists. One fundamental part of all of this that I absolutely love is how seven generations have come together through a number of various democratic ways, lobbying, public speaking, non-violent resistance, each and every one of these acts, performed through self-investing themselves, through the power of themselves, to make sure their voices be heard and mould a replenished, stronger world full of equal spirits alike.

Years ago, a petition like the one Jhenè Aiko is demonstrating above, would have never been thought of, let alone published. Fantastic example of how far we have come.

Well done ladies. Well done!

Where it all began…

This extraordinary legacy that I speak of so highly, all embarked upon a little tea party amongst six women friends back in the 1800s. Elizabeth Stanton in particular deserves all the glory, for it was she who poured out her discontent within certain limitations women were facing in the new American democracy. This little tea party was the revolution where the movement first began. And so it unraveled, from the first women rights convention ( the Seneca Falls Women) to the great 72 year campaign introducing the greats of, Stanton herself, Susan B.Anthony, Lucy Stone and Sojourner Truth. They would all congregate to face the most incredible obstacles, a litany of achievements against tremendous odds, ingenious strategies and outrageous tactics were used to outwit opponents. We finally won the most basic American civil right…. to vote. We then went on to advance through many struggles, protecting women workers, birth control, civil rights, domestic violence, education codes, financial liberation, the list is endless. We have come so far and for that reason alone, we should be very proud of our heroic legacy. Let’s celebrate us!!!

I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.

Alice Paul

I’f like me, you adore this legacy. Go find yourself a strong woman and celebrate her.

Until next time beauties.