Hello Beauties.

Seen as you are exploring Always Obsess, heres a chance for you to take a moment to get to know the person behind all the writing. Sasha Ward, young, fresh and aspiring freelance journalist making her stamp in the world. Steady B Grade in English, Leisure and Tourism and Graphics GCSE level, but other than that I am as new as it gets! Got to start somewhere though right?

What do I specialize in? I studied at the City Of Bath College for 3 years for Complementary Therapies and Spa Therapies. I am a professional spa therapist by trade and that is my day to day job at current. Hence why some of the posts on this blog will be Health and Beauty related due to the nature of the industry I call home. I love looking after people and caring for them as individuals for their bodily aliments. I also have a keen interest in the human anatomy which is invaluable when working with people day in and day out, otherwise I would get so bored of people and their problems, but I am a very blessed individual to have such an alternative mindset. This I am sure, is something you will learn of me through Always Obsess.

Where do I aspire to be? All I know is I want to see more of the world. I want to listen to people and their experiences. I want to grow as a person and have happiness over wealth. I would love to show people that journalism is not all about facts and opinions but also down to earth loving and sharing. People listening to one another and learning new things, enough of this conflict of ideas but simply embrace what one knows and collab with others.


Enough about me, I hope you find your own enjoyment and nourishment in Always Obsess. Use the content for whatever you like, reflection, self importance, opinions, how- to’s, education, whatever it be, I hope it is positive.