5 Things To Consider When Moving Out To Rent

Ever thought of moving out of the family home and starting a new lease of life for yourself? Read this first..

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Perks of the Pug

Lounging around like a couch potatoe, stalking your every move, and the inevitable pug butt tuck. Just three of the renowned characteristics I have learnt about my best friend Bruno. Pugs, are quite honestly such a glorious choice of dog to have as your companion, they bring such a sense of joy, sure they come with the odd temper tantrum, but hey wouldn’t you if you were sent to bed early for stealing a piece of chicken off your mummy’s dinner plate?!

That’s another thing, they can be quite mischievous. You’re best off having one eye on the task at hand, and always one eye on your pug. You may think he’s stood underneath you gazing up at you like he usually does.. but before you know it he’s running down the stairs with a toilet roll in his mouth!

Your companion..

One thing I love most about my pug, is his undeniable reliability to always be by my side. When you’re cold, he’s there to squidge. When you’re lonely he’s there to play with and make you chuckle.. and trust me they make you laugh! If it’s not their straying left eye, it’s the constant grunts and groans. Something is bound to tickle your funny-bone!

Endless energy

Pugs in particular are a very enthusiastic breed. They will always be peering round the corner watching you, or beneath your feet as you make your dinner. ( especially when you are eating your food, they will stare you down! ) They have a tendency to make anything you do a big deal! I cannot take the rubbish out to the bins without him coming along with me like it’s a fun day out. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



They love it! Bruno could eat for the country. I’m really conscious of not giving him foods that are bad for him as I don’t like him to have an upset stomach, but he does love the odd treat beyond his usual dry food. Bruno’s day to day diet consists of Symply Small Breed Lamb and Rice and it works wonders for his digestive tract. His favourite treat is fresh chicken, put that in his bowl and it will be gone in the blink of an eye!



Like many other breeds, they all come with their anatomical problems ( as do us humans , not everyone is the same, even structurally ). Pugs, Shiz Tzus and Bulldogs are just some of the squashed nosed breeds who fall into what’s technically referred to as the Brachycephalic category. For this reason it is important to acknowledge they will always be under some respiratory distress, this you will adapt to and simply change your awareness of your little puggle. Be sure to let your pug be free to a cool/shady spot to rest in the summer, especially after a long walk, they can get very over-heated! When they meet other dogs, be mindful of how excited they become as it can encourage reverse sneezing ( often associated with removing dust particles from the nasal cavities however also prone through periods of over-excitement) with your pet. Also because pugs have a small skull, in turn their head to neck ratio is non existent so they have a little more skin to compensate for this lacking of formation. They often have what’s commonly known as pug rolls, where they have many skin folds, particularly prone in pugs with more fat on them. Facial features become very mushed together and they have wrinkles that need to be cleaned often to avoid any infection. Brachycephalic breeds can have consequences with the eyes too due to the decreased depth of the orbit, which can make the eye seem like it is protruding. Depending on your pugs severity, this is something to be aware of. Regular cleaning of the facial features and being extra cautious can help reduce the risk of damage or injury here.

Most importantly..

Pugs are inevitably one of the cutest dogs ever, it would be harsh of me not to dress Bruno up once in a blue moon! Winter coat, jumpers and pyjamas he loves them all! Just look at him…